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CPU-Distributing CPU-Distributing
CPU Distributing is one of the fastest-growing IT Security solutions provider focused on bringing you the best possible security solutions for networks, internet access and use, email, and data storage and recovery for small to medium sized businesses at the best possible value.
We pride ourselves on having a customer service team that is dedicated to making it easy to do business with us and in providing the best over-all value to our customers through assisting buyers of all levels of experience with...
> Pre-sales support: Information gathering, consultation, setting up conference calls with manufacturer reps, quotes, making sure you're getting the correct product and best value based on what you're trying to accomplish, follow-ups, and more. If we don't know the answer, we will get the correct answer for you.
> Product fulfillment: Anything we can do to save you money on the order, make sure your order is processed in a timely manner, you're receiving the best value for what you are wanting [i.e.Notifying that a bundled SKU will give you the same thing you are wanting but at a lesser price], and make sure your order arrives at the correct destination and on time & more.
> Post-sales support: Following up on your order as needed, providing tracking numbers for shipments, escalating support issues with manufacturer as needed, keeping track of subscription services expiry dates and sending out renewal notifications even if they are 2 or more years down the road, keeping you informed on promotions, & more.
...thus ensuring that you find the right solution for your your customer's particular network, internet interaction, email, and data security needs, you get the best value for your dollars spent, they remain happy with their choice of solutions, and that you remain happy and loyal to us at the same time.
Payment Options
Credit Cards - We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.
PayPal - We accept PayPal payments by check ONLY. We do NOT accept PayPal Credit Card payments due to the extra charges associated with them above and beyond the normal credit card payment surcharges.
ACH - This allows you to pay for an order through electronic funds transfer from your account to ours. You can authorize an ACH payment for a one time purchases or for ongoing purchase that you authorize.
Wire Transfer - We will accept wire transfer for payment of an order. However, a $25 Wire Transfer fee will be added to the total amount of the order. The Wire Transfer payment MUST include the amount of the order + the $25 Wire Transfer fee for us to process your order in full.
Net Terms Availability: We offer Net Terms to those with the credit worthiness to obtain net terms approval. It is a simple process whereby you fill out our online Net Terms Agreement and follow the instructions located at http://cpu-distrib.com/net-terms-application.html. Once the agreement is filled out in full, signed in appropriate areas and faxed back to us at 281-964-1330, we will process the agreement and notify you of the results.
We do everything we can to make it easy for you to do business with us. What more could you ask for from a vendor? Winning Lottery Ticket numbers? Well, your guess is as good as ours on those!

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